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By William Shakespeare
Directed by James DeVita

Dunsinane’s hottest couple develops a spiraling lust for power, losing their humanity inch by inch until they’re numbed to the taste of blood. Yet for all the savagery that comes with stealing a kingdom, their story is a tragic one. A tale of friendship betrayed. Of a great love wasted. It’s haunting and fluid; poetic and gritty, more a staged psychological journey than a play. It’s been 13 years since this thriller came our way. With this cast, its return will be nothing short of spectacular.

Runs June 21 – October 4.
  • MAC
  • Macbeth is a man drawn in by the vicious hunger of illusionary imaginings. Driven by Lady Macbeth, the dark enabling queen whose heart beats wildly in time with his own. A muscular, edgy Mac, focused on the essence of its extraordinary language. Stripped of artifice and tricks. Rubbed raw by the chafe of intense human behavior.Directed by Kate Buckley
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