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She Stoops to Conquer
She Stoops to Conquer
By Oliver Goldsmith
Directed by Laura Gordon

It’s not summer at APT without a fit-to-split comedy, and this is among the best of its brand. A particularly witty young lady takes her marital future in hand, using all the creative misdirection at her disposal — and there’s a lot. Including, but absolutely not limited to, an inn that’s not an inn, a maid that’s not a maid and a noble or two who might be a little less than noble. Subterfuge aside, these suitors are pretty new to this whole love thing, and their aching attempts at wooing leave them looking rather ridiculous. And absolutely adorable. A raucous British comedy in the hands of APT’s actors is the equivalent of a full-length showstopper.

Runs June 14 – September 20.
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